About Us

The Protyre chain of fitment centres, is the retail arm of Associated Tyres (Pvt) Ltd.   Located throughout the country, Protyre can cater for the needs of the businessman with a high end SUV, to the young bank clerk with her first second hand car.

Why Choose Protyre?

We are fully in tune with the market of Zimbabwe, and realise that we must offer expert advice, whilst keeping in mind the budget of the individual customer.   You’ll find us in three locations within Harare, as well as Bulawayo and Mutare too.   We also have representation, through Associated Tyres in Gweru.

Our Tyre Equipment

We use the highly respected quality Ravaglioli equipment from Italy. Our staff are trained to use this latest equipment and our top managers travel to Italy for regular training at the factory in Bologna. We provide the most professional fitting, balancing and alignment services in the country.

Contact Us

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