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After extensive research, Protyre settled on using world renown garage equipment manufacturer, Raviglioli. Based in Bologna, Italy, Raviglioli was established in 1958, and today boasts a number of factory sites dedicated to the development, production and sales of the various aspects of its diverse business, namely, vehicle lifts, alignment , balancing and fitting machines and a wide range of associated tooling and spares. It obtained its quality assurance certification UNI En ISO 9001, in 2000 and prides itself as a market leader in this field.

Rav equipment is used in many OE Manufacturing plants and International Brand aftersales service centres and garages. Their reliable, easy to use equipment makes Rav equipment a first choice for operators across the globe and we are proud to associate this with our proudly Zimbabwean retail stores Protyre.

As agents for this brand, we are in the process of gearing up our ability to service the local market, and most recently we have sent a team of associates over to Italy, to be personally trained on all their product range, diagnostics and service, to ensure we can offer the superior expertise and professionalism the market has come to expect from any of our business entities

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