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Pirelli was founded in 1872 and is ranked in the Top 5 tyre producers in the world. With 24 manufacturing concerns on four continents, the Pirelli Group focuses on growing its business and creating value by developing high quality and high technology products and services with low environmental impact, visit www.pirelli.com. Pirelli offers a comprehensive range of consumer, light truck (highway and all terrain) and radial truck patterns to cover the market requirements.


Kumho started producing tyres in 1960, and is ranked among the Top 10 tyre producers in the world. Its Head Office is based in South Korea, and currently exports in excess of 1.2billion dollars’ worth of tyres on an annual basis to over 180 countries, with a total of 16 plants in Asia and the USA. www.kumhotire.com Kumho is our economy brand and through cost effective pricing across its attractive and operational specific patterns, we have made great inroads into the passenger, light truck and truck market. Kumho truck tyres are first choice fitment for a number of leading transporters in Zimbabwe.

Hi Fly

The Hi Fly brand represents quality, reliability and true value for money.  We stock a full range of car tyres, truck tyres and we have also launched our own truck wheel that can be supplied separately or with the tyre pre-fitted to suit your requirements.Hi Fly Tyres are manufactured within a state-of-the-art production facility, utilising the latest in tyre assembly technology. Innovative, world-class product design and testing, coupled with precise quality control systems, ensuring that the product continuously conforms to all current European legislation.

Exide Batteries

Protyre fitment centres all carry a range of Exide batteries.  Chloride Zimbabwe manufactures the comprehensive range of polypropylene batteries under the Trademark EXIDE that incorporates the latest technology to ensure optimum performance.    Exide batteries are strong, durable and come in a wide range applications from small private vehicles up to commercial heavy vehicles.

Tyrfil ®

What is TYRFIL ®?

TyrFil is a patented polyurethane material that is pumped into off road tires and cured into a flexible, durable filling that acts as a shock absorber and completely eliminates flat tires.

Unlike solid or aperture tires, TyrFil® can be customised to work with any off the road tire, tread or pressure.is most commonly used in industrial equipment for rental, military, construction, mining earth moving and material handling applications

Why Do I need TRYFIL ® ?

Air-filled tires from rough terrain, and blowouts from heat and pressure, can cause expensive downtime, tip overs, equipment damage and injuries

Solid tires, while flatproof, can cause driver injuries and vehicle wear in industrial workplaces.

The amplified G-forces can cause stress damage to the equipment and physical injury and exhaustion to the driver.

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