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Tyres and Fittings

Whether you’re seeking a tyre that delivers longevity and comfort, or a performance tyre for responsiveness and safety, or a combination of these – we’ve got tyres to suit every need and every budget.  Call us for friendly advice and an obligation free quote.

Wheel Balancing

Maintaining the tyre balance on your vehicle is critical to receiving satisfactory service from your tyre investment.   In addition to a smooth ride, balancing we a key component in tyre wear.   We are able to provide this service as the tyres are fitted.   Our tyre technicians are fully trained to ensure your wheels are perfectly balanced.

3D Alignment

It is critical to take careful measures to ensure your tyres last. It is advisable to check your alignment regularly, not just when you feel that car is shuddering or pulling to one side. When a wheel is not aligned, you will have uneven tyre wear, necessitating earlier replacement. Our top of the range Raviglioli equipment from Italy ensure we do a professional alignment for our customers..

Punture and Repairs

Tyres do lose air over time, but if you are pumping up your tyres more often than expected, it is essential to have the tyre thoroughly inspected by an expert.   Our technicians will examine your tyre carefully and if necessary recommend a repair or replacement.   We will always try to repair where we can.  We provide an excellent repair service.   In some cases, where repair is not possible or unsafe, a replacement will be recommended.


Nitrogen is available at our Borrowdale Branch.   The world wide trend now is to fill your tyres with nitrogen instead of air.   Nitrogen has a different molecular structure to air, as well as running at a lower temperature.   Both those factors lead to better maintenance of pressure and a better footprint on the road.  The better the footprint the better the grip on the road.   Your tyres will last up to 20% longer.

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